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Urban Apothecary Luxury Scented Candle

Urban Apothecary Luxury Scented Candle

$49.00 $34.30

Carefully crafted at Urban Apothecary's own candle factory in Leicestershire, England. Each and every candle is made of a precise blend of fragrances, wax, and wicks. Together this trio of specialists ensures the finished product burns slowly and evenly while delivering a rich release of scent.

Scents Available:

Green Lavender: Notes of sparkling and pure lemon balm, spearmint and clary sage, add a green leafy accent that when underscored with soft trails of orris and white musk, transforms the everyday into extraordinary.

Oriental Noir:  Like the moon rising in the exotic East, the perfumed particles of sweetly powdered white orchid and lily, intensified by the heat of nutmeg and clove, infuse magic through the air. The unexpected addition of a smooth and velvety coffee note, patchouli leaves and black vanilla pods, brings a lasting, luxurious depth.

Oudh Geranium: This rare and resinous wood from a tropical tree is loved for its smoky and aromatic woody character. In this oriental composition, the unique scent of Oudh is freshened with geranium’s rosy tones and deepened with smooth notes of amber, vetiver, patchouli and praline.

Smoked Leather: Aromas of antique leather, soft suede and saffron combine in the softest of whispers, encouraging olibanum’s resinous pitches to climb in smoky incense spirals. Notes of verdant vetiver layered with cedarwood provide a bright and embracing concluding flicker.

Velvet Peony: Precious notes of blushing rose, powdery violet and ylang ylang are in attendance to this flirtatious floral that tempts with succulent peach and juicy raspberry. A hint of spicy, resinous amberwood adds warmth to the fresh petals. Like the deepest pink velvet, this lush and luxurious blend is gorgeously sumptuous.

Burn Time: 60 Hours