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Gemfleur Enhanced Aromatherapy

Gemfleur Enhanced Aromatherapy


Nectar Essences enhance organic essential oils with Gemfleur, energetic tinctures derived from precious gemstones and wildflower blossoms. These healing tinctures help support your mind, body and spirit.

Scents Available

Calm+: Gold gem elixir exudes love pure and true. It counteracts fear, loss, heartbreak and helps you connect with your inner essence.
     Scent profile: herbal, woodsy, sweet, complex, soothing.

Decongest+:  Black tourmaline gem elixir amplifies trust and positivity. It transmutes negative thoughts and emotions.
   - Scent profile: woodsy, euphoric, metholic, clearing

De-Stress+: Turquoise gem elixir represents strength and balance or grounding. It counteracts exhaustion, panic, and unhappiness.
   - Scent profile: bergamot, exotic florals, romantic, sophisticated

Energy+: Diamond gem elixir amplifies joy and delight. It counteracts fatigue and exhaustion.
  -  Scent profile: grapefruit, juicy, bright spice, dynamic.

Focus+: . Lapis Lazuli gem elixir activates the higher mind and enhances clarity and memory. It encourages honesty in the spoken and written word and improves communication.
    - Scent profile: basil, zest, summer garden, fresh.

Immunity+: Fire opal gem elixir enhances intuition. It resonates with spiritual and psychic protection.
    - Scent profile: aromatic, bitter citrus, spice.

Sleep+:  Rainbow moonstone elixir aids in calm sleep and lucid dreaming. It deflects negativity and eases emotional stress.
    - Scent profile: white flower, honeyed, earthy, nuanced.