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Milk + Honey
Essential Oil Candle

Milk + Honey

Essential Oil Candle


Burn plants, not toxins. Milk + Honey's wax is free of harmful petroleum, burning longer and cleaner. They use only pure essential oils - no artificial or 'natural' fragrances here.

Available Scents:

Unwind: N°35 blends invigorating ginger and blood orange with aromatic notes of lemongrass to fill your home with a scent that is calm and bright.

Calm: Nº 46 is a relaxing blend of sandalwood, vetiver, and cardamom oils that will melt your stress away. The warm, exotic aroma calms the mind while instantly uplifting your mood.

Warm & Cozy: N°100 blends crisp balsam fir and scotch pine with spicy clove and cinnamon, infusing your space with the scents of the holidays that are welcome all year long.

60-70 hours of clean burn time